Pasaporte válido es requerido para entrar a México
Desde Marzo 1st, 2010

Valid Passport required to entry Mexico
For all Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents in Canada planning to travel to Mexico there are new requirements for entry into Mexico as of MARCH 1st 2010.

All CANADIAN CITIZENS will be required to present:

a) Valid passport.

All PERMANENT RESIDENTS IN CANADA will be required to present one of the following:

a) Permanent Resident Card or
b) Certificate of Identity or
c) Refugee Travel Document

The following requirement aligns Mexico to all the security measures established by the ICAO | International Civil Aviation Organization

** VISA is NOT REQUIRED for Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents in Canada to enter Mexico as a tourist.

Out of 1 .2 million Canadian Tourists that visited Mexico in 2009 only 10,000 did not have a passport as form of ID.
Les than 1%. Source * Instituto Nacional de Migracion Mexico

Publicado: 25 de enero, 2010
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